Trans star Rebekah Shelton blasts Stacy Francis over “fake body” jibes

Trans star Rebekah Shelton blasts Stacy Francis over “fake body” jibes

12th January 2017 0 By News Desk

Rebekah Shelton who starred in series 10 of Big Brother has slammed CBB star Stacy Francis in a series of Tweets after the US singer blasted Jasmine Waltz for having a fake face.

Stacy Francis on fake faces


In a sweary series of Tweets, Rebekah Shelton blasted Stacy Francis‘s takedown of people who have fake faces and bodies. The former Big Brother star, who has undergone a series of body changing operations said,

“My face is fake too, my whole body is fake!”

Rebekah Shelton talks about transition on Judge Rinder


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The BB star started her transition 5 years ago and has had a number of operations. During a recent appearance on Robert Rinder’s ITV daytime show, Judge Rinder, she went into detail about the various operations she had including, facial feminisation surgery, having her Adam’s apple shaved, a nose and boob job.

“I should be calling out people with their fake faces and fake personalities! She has a fake face! There are fake b*tches in here though!”

Later in the programme, Stacy apologised to Jasmine for her words saying,

“I just want to apologise for the things I said at the table…the reason I was most upset is that I admire you.”