TRAVEL REVIEW | Glamping In Yorkshire

10th January 2017 0 By Jake Hook

A million stars looked down upon my boyfriend and me, as we gazed into the endless night sky. If you’re looking to get out into the wilderness and can’t quite pull off that Bear Grylls’ ruggedness, then perhaps Glamping should be your next holiday idea.

Right in the middle of rural Yorkshire is the stunning Camp Kutur, miles from any city. The days are still and silent and the nights are awe inspiring. As you gaze into the night sky, with the fire’s embers glowing softly as you sit on your private decking, you’ll feel like you’re at one with nature, but not too at one. Set in hundreds of acres of private land of the Camp Hill estate, Camp Kutur has just a handful of different accommodation options including Teepees, Unidomes, Hobit Pods and Geodomes. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the gorgeous Geodomes for two nights at the tail end of September.

The Geodomes are a spacious tented space, set on the forest’s edge, with a clear front overlooking the rest of the site. They are self-contained units, with a comfy double bed and seating area as well as a log burner. It’s all very very cosy. Outside there is a kitchenette and it’s own private toilet and shower. At the front of the Geodome is your own private decking area, complete with bar-b-que and a warming wood burner for those nights with a chill in the air.

On the site, there’s also an eco spa and sauna, although these come at an extra cost.

Glamping has almost become synonymous with hen parties, let’s face it. There probably isn’t a girlfriend of yours that hasn’t been on a glamping weekend and gone on and on about the rugs, the tea lights and the overall cosines of their yurt. Well, boys, I’m here to say it’s everything they said it was and we whole-heartedly approve.

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A quick word of warning, despite it being glamping and there are the comfort extras over and beyond an ordinary campsite, it is still back to basics where tech is concerned. There is no electricity and no WiFi. So if you’re a techno junkie, you won’t be able to charge your devices or log onto the web. You may want to check with your phone’s network provider to see if there is 3 or 4G in the area. But if you’re looking to cut off be truly DND (do not disturb) then this is your haven.

Geodomes start at £80 (Oct/Nov) per night and a minimum of two nights booking is required.