Troye Sivan has revealed that his proudest moment was coming out as gay.

By Eva Rinaldi –, CC BY-SA 2.0

Troye Sivan, who was recently revealed on our top 25 LGBT Twitter PowerList, has revealed that his proudest achievement has been around his work for the LGBTQ community and being gay.

During an interview with Total Access the out actor and singer was asked what his proudest moment was, Troye said,

Just the LGBTQ stuff… I feel like that’s the reason I was put on this earth.




When asked why that was important for him Troye replied,

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“I would have really appreciated it. When I think back to when I was a little kid, dreaming about maybe one day coming out – I was never sure if I was actually going to.

“Along the way I’ve become really proud of everything I am, including gay…”

When asked if society was getting better at accepting LGBTs Troye said that we were “in the best place we’ve ever been”, but we still have a “really long way to go”.


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