Superstar Usher has accidentally revealed his peen on Snapchat.

CREDIT: DFree/Bigstock
CREDIT: DFree/Bigstock

Forget wardrobe fail… This is an emoji fail.

It seems there is no emoji big enough to hide Usher’s penis, after the star accidentally (or was it) revealed himself naked in the steam room on a Snapchat.


The star decided to give everybody a tour of his home and what started off like a scene from MTV’s Cribs turned out to be much more X rated as he entered the steam room – and took a picture of himself completely naked – with nothing but a emoji covering his manhood – only the emoji wasn’t quite big enough – and the picture revealed the tip of his schlong.

CREDIT: Usher/Snapchat

Want to see the uncensored? Click here (NSFW)

Obvs the internet has gone into melt down about it, but it’s nowhere as revealing as John Barrowman’s exposure of his husband’s penis!



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