Day: 29 April 2016

  • Usher Accidentally Reveals All On Snapchat

    Usher Accidentally Reveals All On Snapchat

    Superstar Usher has accidentally revealed his peen on Snapchat. Forget wardrobe fail… This is an emoji fail. It seems there is no emoji big enough to hide Usher’s penis, after the star accidentally (or was it) revealed himself naked in the steam room on a Snapchat. ADVERT The star decided to give everybody a tour […]

  • TROYE SIVAN | My Proudest Moment Was Coming Out

    Troye Sivan has revealed that his proudest moment was coming out as gay. Troye Sivan, who was recently revealed on our top 25 LGBT Twitter PowerList, has revealed that his proudest achievement has been around his work for the LGBTQ community and being gay. During an interview with Total Access the out actor and singer was […]

  • Hi-De-Hi Star Barry Howard Dies, 78

    The actor Barry Howard behind one of British comedy’s campest characters Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in Hi-De-Hi! has passed away at the age of 78. The actor Barry Howard has passed away at the age of 78. He died from blood cancer.  The actor’s harry Clark agent confirmed the news to the BBC. Taking to Twitter she said […]

  • PETER WHITTLE | I Have Never Come Across Homophobia In UKIP

    PETER WHITTLE | I Have Never Come Across Homophobia In UKIP

    London’s only gay mayoral candidate has said that he has never come across homophobic in his party, UKIP. Openly gay London mayoral candidate Peter Whittle has told London Live that he’s never heard homophobia in UKIP – despite Councillor David Silvester infamously suggesting that bad weather in the UK was being caused by gay marriage and candidate […]

  • Take A Good ‘Loft’ Around Berlin

    Take A Good ‘Loft’ Around Berlin

    Berlin is a principal political hub overflowing with history, monuments, and entertainment venues, and is highly regarded for its diverse architecture and high standard of living. Of paramount importance (to me) are the 24-hour train services, outstanding theatre, and the Friedrichstraße area (formerly East Berlin) that has an East Side New York feel. I frequently […]

  • INTERVIEW | Martyn Andrews

    INTERVIEW | Martyn Andrews

    Monday morning and the phone rings. It’s Russia on the phone. Well Russia Today to be more precise. RT is the Russian Government funded television network. They’re offering me an interview with one of their journalists. It doesn’t seem the obvious choice, I have to say.   Martyn Andrew wears: SUIT: Fielding & Nicholson | […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | Pleasure – Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds and National Tour

    ★★★ | Pleasure Val works as a toilet attendant in Pleasure, a gay club somewhere in the north of England, acting as confidante, agony aunt, mother figure and friend to the young men who frequent the club. Matthew is a hopeless romantic, Nathan is unsure of his sexuality and the cabaret act, Anna Fewmore, is […]