Ah, what a treat!! These two episodes were much better. Ruby is slowly letting go of her victim-hood and is starting to present the glorious diva she is, while AJ has stopped her shouting and is growing as a personality.

As a Ru fan, I was feeling so bad about disliking the show he has worked so hard on for so long, so it is such a relief to say that episode three really picks up. The storyline is less scattered, the acting gets better and the pacing has improved.

It is good to see Ruby regaining some of her confidence and more importantly wit. Of course, she is still grieving for what she thought was true love, but she doesn’t let people take advantage of her anymore or sit quietly when others insult her.

In these two episodes, she brazenly takes part in a wet T-shirt competition in a southern town to earn money and gives mean queens back as good as she gets. She even defies them when they sabotage her act. Yes, Miss Ruby Red is rising.

Meanwhile, AJ has improved a lot: thankfully the caring side we glimpsed near the end of episode two has lasted and she is now taking care of Ruby as much as she is taking care of her. She has become fiercely protective of her. Most importantly: she has stopped shouting all her lines, which makes all the difference.

Still on their way to Texas episode 3 sees them stuck in a small town as they the route across the Hershey Highway. The reason why they ended up there: trying to drive away quickly before Sanchez and Lady Danger spotted them they ran into a car leaving them with a broken backlight (and AJ with 200 dollars little con-artist she is!) An exasperated policeman (in a hilarious scene) orders them to get it fixed.

Sadly the repair will cost $2000, as the man at the repair shop discovers that the van is more damaged than they thought.

In the shop Ruby and AJ build a connection with the owner’s wife, after a rough start, which will become important later in the episode.

Ruby tries to teach AJ that there is good in everyone and tries to get her to make up with her mom in between a big to-do about breastplates.

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The mum isn’t a well fleshed out character right now, still isn’t in episode four. I hope we get to know what happened to her, because right now she is a bit of a cliché.

Meanwhile, episode four is glorious with both Chad Michaels and Kennedy Davenport in big parts. Here we get to know so much about Ruby and Sanchez and a slight hint that Sanchez might have cared … or is he trying to swindle Ruby all over again?

This episode has catfights between queens, more gay cop revelations, Rupaul doing a big performance to Sia’s Chandelier and Chad being Cher.

This episode also shows how much Ruby and AJ are a team now, even though AJ thinking she knows what’s best for Ruby is a little too soon.

On to the next stop.

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