Watching the leaders’ debate gave opportunity for more satire than ITV’s latest offering, Newzoids, in last night’s debut of this long awaited, much anticipated show.

Promises of 80’s ingenious were expected, or rather hoped for, but Newzoids failed to deliver and don’t blamed the subjects, just because Margaret Thatcher isn’t around anymore doesn’t mean you can’t make political satire funny.

And stop already with the inane Clegg/Cameron housewife/underdog situation, it’s been done… Done I tell you.

In a Twitter age where we’re expecting fresh content every nanosecond, Newzoids, felt positively ancient as it dealt with the first leaders’ debate, Jeremy Clarkson and Russell Brand – these are all so last week/month/minute.

Browsing my Twitter timeline it looked as though many agree that Newzoids is as awkward as the puppets’ CGI’d mouths.

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Apparently Spitting Image wasn’t an overnight success, so perhaps Newzoids will become a grower.

And that Andy Murray sketch was just downright weird… So maybe…