For some strange reason, this week’s episode of Red Dwarf was a divisive one for the fans when it was pre-released on UKTV Play this week. It’s not really clear to see why, as the episode is simply a lot of fun.

TV REVIEW Red Dwarf XII, Episode 3, Timewave

The story starts when Rimmer decides to claim undiscovered planet with valuable substance, dreaming of untold riches once they find their way back to earth. When a timewave sends a 24th-century ship on a crash course towards that very same planet the Boys from the Dwarf decide to board the ship to warn the crew. The ship, though, is rather unusual – as the people at the top decided to make criticism illegal, so no-one can voice their opinions. Naturally, the Dwarfers soon find themselves in deep trouble.

This episode features a hilarious guest turn from Johnny Vegas as a “ crit-cop” unhappy with his lot and an interesting Eddie Murphy impression from a very fed up Cat (Danny John-Jules). Stealing the show, though, for a second week in a row is Chris Barrie as a deliciously creepy alter-ego of Rimmer.

After the darker themes of Siliconia this is a fun high camp romp of an episode that leads to interesting questions: how does criticism affect people? Does true positive criticism exist?

Solid effort by all.

Red Dwarf XII is tonight (26th October) 21.00 – Dave

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