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Twitter could be adding this amazing feature to combat bullying

Twitter could be adding this one feature that will help combat cyberbullying.

PhotoMIX-Company / Pixabay

THEGAYUK has learned that Twitter could be adding a “hide replies” feature. An innovation that could help anyone who is the target of online or cyberbullying remove hateful messages without deleting crucial evidence for the police.

Twitter, for many, has become a toxic battleground and where cyberbullying is rife. In 2018 THEGAYUK discovered that anti-gay and homophobic slurs were racking up in their millions on the platform. Just before Donald Trump’s win as President in the 2016 US Election, Twitter saw a surge in the word “f*ggot”.

A hide feature would help users control what they see and when they see it. It could work very similarly to the Turn Off Comments function on YouTube.

It could also allow the primary user to help control the conversation, remove falsehoods or hate from their timeline, before other users jump in on a thread.

Twitter has recently rolled out a number of schemes to help detoxify the app.


In 2018 it said it would ban deadnaming and misgendering for trans people.


It’s not clear if and when this feature will be rolled out.



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