Activists say that two gay men have been executed in Iran for “Perversion”

The Washington Freebeacon is reporting that activists, who are tracking the situation, claim that two gay men have been hanged in Iran on Sunday and a third has been sentenced for “insulting the prophet.”

The two men were held in a prison near Rasht. Iran is still one of the only countries that has a capital punishment for homosexuality. Its legal system is based on Islamic law or sharia.


Until Sunday there had been no reports of executions in Iran for being gay since 2005, (when Mahmoud Asgari,16, and Ayaz Marhoni, 18 were publicly hanged), despite it being an activity which carries a death penalty.

The Washington Freebeacon also reports that ‘Iranian authorities have hanged 40 individuals in a two-week period. Iran is executing at least two people a day, according to activists.’

According to Banafsheh Zand, an Iranian political and human rights activist, not much is known about these executions because the Iranian authorities are sweeping the hangings ‘under the rug’.

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We’ve not been able to confirm these reports.

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