Speaking in today’s Metro Union J boyband member Jaymi Hensley said he actively challenges homophobic language on social media.

He may only be 23, but Union J boyband member certainly knows where he stands on dealing with homophobia in a move that puts many other gay celebrities to shame.

Speaking to Metro, he said:


‘If someone calls me a derogatory name on Twitter, I challenge it. If I let people call me a ‘fag’, how am I helping fans feel empowered?

‘When I was younger, I used to be called ‘poof’ and ‘fag’ and it made me feel awful – it’s not nice to have abusive words used against you.

‘I’m now in a place where you can call me whatever, it doesn’t annoy me but I will stick up for people. Don’t let people give you s*** – that’s what I stand for. Don’t let people bully you.’


We love you a little bit more Mr Hensley.

Last week Jaymi said he and his partner Olly Marmon were planning to marry in 2015.

Last year during the 2012 X Factor Live Shows THEGAYUK asked Twitter to comment on the homophobia that Rylan Clark was receiving, and asked what they were doing about the on-going anti-gay slurs that happening.

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A Spokesperson for Twitter said: ‘We can’t comment on individual accounts, however we have a clear policy on our site and a process for users who want to report abuse.’

Last week alone the word ‘Faggot’ was used 237,907 times on Twitter, in a worrying upward trend as seen on Nohomophobes.com

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