The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Welsh Government’s trans action plan, brought about by the party’s landmark debate, but says it falls short on many key issues.

In November 2014, the Welsh Lib Dems led a landmark Assembly debate on issues faced by trans people in Wales – the first debate of its kind. The party’s motion, which was backed by the Welsh Government and all parties, called for action to improve the provision of public services for all Welsh trans people.

The Transgender Action Plan, launched today for consultation by the Welsh Government, does not specifically mention provision for a gender identity clinic in Wales nor creation of LGBT+ safe housing – two key issued raised by Welsh Lib Dem AMs during the debate.
Peter Black AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Equalities Minister, said:


“I’m delighted that the Welsh Lib Dems’ landmark debate has resulted in positive action to improve the lives of trans people in Wales. However, there is much to be wanted from what’s been launched today.

“During our debate, Welsh Lib Dem AMs raised specific concerns about the lack of a gender identity clinic and LGBT safe housing in Wales. Despite listening to these problems and promising to address them, there’s no specific mention of either issue in this document. We will be making our views on this clear as we respond to the consultation.

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“Labour Ministers seem more focused on ensuring inclusivity in the public services already provided, rather than addressing the gaps in trans-specific services where Wales falls short. While inclusivity is of course vital, I had hoped we’d see something a bit more ambitious from the Welsh Government.”

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