What is sounding and is it safe?
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Essentially Sounding is where a slim metal or plastic rod is inserted into the meatus (the opening of the penis) and into the urethra, for those not in the know, that’s the tube which allows the flow of urine from the bladder out through the hole at the top of the penis.

The rods are known as sounds or Sounding Rods. They can be used to dilate the urethral opening of a penis. These are inserted to about halfway down the head so that they are easily retrieved.

Over time the urethra can be stretched to accommodate much bigger rods or even, a fingertip.

Sounds have a medical purpose and are also used to enable a penile piercing.

Some guys can derive pleasure from Sounding but it’s not for everyone and you should proceed with extreme caution for there are issues that can arise from tears and trauma to the inside of your penis. The lining is very delicate.

Does Sounding feel good?

Does Sounding feel good?
Does Sounding feel good?

Most of the pleasure nerve endings of the penis are on the outside, in the head of the penis. The urethra also has many nerve-ending and is sensitive to all kinds of touch – and because the route it takes to get to the bladder it gives good access to the prostate, which is one of the only ways for men to get direct access to the “male g-spot” – the prostate.

However, there are many types of Sounds for penile play, including some that are bumpy or ribbed. There’s even a sounding rod kit that comes with ever-increasing girth rods to help stretch your urethra.

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You can also try out penis plugs, which are perfect for first-timers and for those who want to try out shallow Sounding – that’s Sounding that focuses just around the first inch or so of the inside of the penis.

Is Sounding dangerous?

Sounding can be dangerous, especially if the sound is jagged or compromised in some way. A too large a Sound could also cause a tear in the lining of the urethra, which may need medical attention.

If not done with care you could introduce a UTI (urinary tract infection) which may cause pain during urination. If infections reach the bladder or the kidneys, you will probably need a visit to the doctors.

When using sounding rods it might be wise to use a sterile lubrication and a sterile cleaner afterwards to make sure the rods are perfectly clean each time you use them. Make sure you clean them each time you use them.

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However, taking your time and a little bit of preparation and you should be able to enjoy sounding.

Watch a video describing how to sound and what it feels like

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