Bradley Cooper

In 2001 light years ago before superstar Bradley Cooper he became a Hollywood icon  he had a Wet American Hot Summer.

Bradley Cooper
CREDIT: © ozina Depositphotos

Literally. In one of his first ever movie roles Cooper played Ben, an arrogant summer counselor, and the movie would probably all be nothing than a distant memory except for his steamy gay sex scene.

It’s not quite the explicit no-holds-barred-lets-show-everything scene we expect nowadays but it‘s still as hot as hell watching his co-star Micheal Ian Black taking Cooper’s movie virginity wearing nothing other than a pair of white tube socks.


We suddenly remembered all this when Netflix announced that Wet Hot American Summer is now getting an eight-episode prequel miniseries.

They confirmed that the majority of the original cast will return for this that includes Christopher Meloni, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd Elizabeth Banks and naturally Mr. Cooper and Mr. Black. Plot-wise, whereas the original film took place on the last day of camp, the prequel will take place on day one. We just cannot wait.