Who is Jet Reno played by in Star Trek Discovery?

Have you checked out the second series of Netflix’s Star Trek Discovery? Maybe you may have noticed a new character, Jet Reno…

We promise there are no spoilers in this article.

Jet Reno is a brand new character who is a crew member on the USS Hiawatha which is found by the crew of the USS Discovery during a mission, but who is Jet played by?

In Star Trek Discovery, Jet Reno is played by comedian Tig Notaro. Tig is a Grammy and Emmy nominated artist from Jackson Mississippi.

Is Tig Notaro Lesbian?

Tig is married to a woman called Stephanie Allynne, they met on the movie set of In A World… They got engaged in early 2015 and married in October 2015. Together the couple have two sons, Max and Finn. Stephanie is an actor, comedian and writer. Before meeting Tig Stephanie said “I was so into Tig and I was falling in love with her and I didn’t know how to identify it because I thought I was straight”.

Has Tig Notaro been in anything else?

You may know Tig from her 2015 documentary film, Tig documenting her journey with breast cancer. In 2012, Tig was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tig focuses on the year that followed a standup routine she performed after finding out that she had cancer. The performance became a viral sensation. In the film, Tig performs at clubs all over the US while in the throws of a new relationship with Stephanie Allynne, the conception of their babies and the passing of her mother.

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How old is Tig Notaro?

Tig was born in March 1971 which makes her 47/ 48 in 2019.

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