Gay hook-up app Grindr is famous for its application as its distinctive look. So, how did the name and look come about?

why does Grindr use a gimp mask
We asked the app’s creator Joel Simkhai about the look and name. He told us in 2012 that the look came about because he wanted it to be “powerful” and a “little rough”.

When asked about the colouring and the use of the ‘gimp’ mask, Joel said,

“We looked for something that was masculine and tough and I think all our branding: our logo, our colouring almost everything about it falls into those categories.”



When deciding on the whole look and branding for Grindr the creator decided that the look and feel of the app should be “a but aggressive” and “powerful”.

The name came about because Joel liked the idea of grinding coffee and the notion of mixing.

Speaking to THEGAYUK in 2012, Joel said,

“We were looking for something a bit aggressive and thought of this notion of the coffee grinder and the notion of mixing, but it’s not just the idea of mixing it’s about grinding, very powerful and so it’s a little rough, we wanted an edginess to it, we didn’t want a softness to it.”


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