X Factor singer Danny Tetley has come out as gay


Danny Tetley has opened up about his sexuality and revealed his dad’s surprising response when he found out.

Danny has been out to his family since 2001, but it’s only now that his sexuality has become wider public knowledge. Speaking to The Sun, about how he came out to his Dad, Danny said, “I always had my questions over the years but Dad was never open about it.


It turns out that the pair came out to each other whilst on holiday in the LA and were comparing which guys they both found attractive.

Danny revealed, “In LA we’d gone into a bar and then realised it was a gay bar.

“The drinks flowed and we started talking about the men in there who were handsome.


“That led to a conversation back at the hotel and we were honest with each other for the first time.

“It was quite a strange moment — there aren’t many fathers and sons who are gay.”

“It must have been tough for my dad growing up in the era he did and not being able to be himself”.


He revealed that his parents split when the singer was just six-years-old, Danny was quick to add, however, that his father did love his mum.

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The X Factor singer realised that he was gay when he was just four years old. Speaking about how people react when they find out that he is gay he says that they’re often surprised, “When I did come out it was always a bit of a shock because I was in the rugby and football teams. People say I am not your typical gay man, but who is?”

So is Danny single?

According to the singer, he is focussing on the competition at the moment and doesn’t have time for dating, but joked that since he’s been on the show that his social media has blown up with male attention. He said, “I’ve had plenty of men hitting on me through social media, saying they fancy me, but I have no time at the minute and I’m liking my own space.”

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