X Factor’s Seann Miley Moore has said that he wants to see all the boys in the contest in heels before the end of the season.

The Australian born star who wowed the judges in his first audition with a powerful version of Queen’s The Show Must Go On has said in an interview that he wants to see all the boys in his category to wear heels by the end of the season.

He said,

“All the boys are amazing. We’ve been chatting about having a night in with beers and watching a movie like Entourage. I’m hoping to get them all in heels!”

Talking about his ground-breaking first audition he said,

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“I keep watching it over and over again and sobbing, I was so happy and proud to have done that. That moment was 3 years of studying in theatre school, 2 years of saving my money, and getting on a plane to put myself out there. It came down to that moment. That acceptance and love was overwhelming.