A prankster YouTuber called David Mafra has tested men’s reactions to a woman with a “dong” in the world’s most dangerous places for trans people.

The video set on Rio de Janeiro’s most famous beach sees Brazilian actress Ingrid Ohara stuff a fake penis and balls down her bikini’s front and asking passing men on the beach to rub sun cream into her back.


When she turns over, the men discover the “package” and their reactions are filmed for David Mafra’s channel which has over 461,000 subscribers.

Numerous men are filmed interacting with Ingrid, with all but one making a quick getaway after they discover that she has a “penis”. The video has already racked up over 2 million videos.

The Daily Star calls the video “hilarious”, however the currently climate for Brazil’s trans community is extremely dangerous with one shocking statistic revealing that the life expectancy for a trans woman estimated to be just 30.


A report by Al Jazeera showed that the country has the highest rate of violence against trans people in the world.

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There were 226 trans people murdered in 2014, 113 of those murders happened in Brazil.

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