So today is 3rd October – a high holy day for Mean Girlers everywhere. Here are the top ten quotes from on of the most quotable films of all time.

If you haven’t watched Mean Girls then you’ll need to hand in your gay card. Mean Girls is one of the seminal moments of camp history, basically when we learnt how to b*tch like the best of them.

You can buy it here and bone up so you know what the rest of us are talking about.
The 3rd October

Trying to make So fetch work

And again…

If you want to be one of the plastics you have to follow the rules…

Just saying…

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This is also where we learned modesty

And where we get our fashion tips from… Always pink… Always Wednesday

The most awkward sex ed ever

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No, wait most awkward

This is where Mariah got the inspiration!

If you are going to say nasty things about your friends, it’s best to do it on a secure server, where no one can find your bitching.

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