There’s nobody that quite manages to fulfil their Diva quota like Mariah. In among the glitter, butterflies and working out in five-inch heels, she’s written some belters to help you get through the darkest moments of your life.

Hero (Music Box)

If you’re in need of a pick me up and need to hear something inspirational then Mariah’s Hero, is the tune. Don’t take any old version. Get out your original copy of Music Box, go on. We know you’ve got it. Yes, the one with the face.

Anytime You Need A Friend (Music Box)

From the same album Anything You Need A Friend is a tune that cuts right to the heart, if times is down and you’re smile is a frown, Mariah will be there. Plus it has the most insane high note at the end.

Can’t Take That Away (Rainbow)

Mariah’s own personal theme. It has everything you need in a self-empowerment tune. Self-affirmation and a peppy tune. Get out your hairbrush, stand in the mirror. Legs slightly parted, like the #1 album and sing it biatch. Make sure you get that run at the end right or she’ll be after you.

Make It Happen (Emotions)

If you need sh** to happen, you got to make it work. So if you’re facing adversity, get it together and make it happen.

I Am Free (Daydream)

Like a bird baby. Be a prisoner no more. Come out. Free to love, free to soar… Free to fly.

Outside (Butterfly)

Mariah wrote this song about being bi-racial and the adversity she faced. The lyrics speak of being an outsider and it’s something we can totally relate to.

When You Believe (#1s)

Basically this song is so Diva. Its very core is basically gay. In a good sense. And you will WIN when you believe.

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Through The Rain (Charmbracelet)

One of her best ballads on one of her worst performing albums, which is a real shame, because it’s actually a gooden. You really get a sense that at her lowest ebb, it was herself that she could depend on.

Almost Home

Speaking of getting through and making it, Almost Home talks about the journey’s end. It’s in sight. Don’t give it.


Yep. You. Stop obsessing about my sexuality. Westboro Baptist Church I’m looking at you.

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I Want To Know What Love Is

Bae. You have it from your gay fans all over the world.


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