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Want some pearly whites but don’t want to spend a fortune? Dentist to the stars, Dr Richard Marques, who counts Nick Grimshaw as one of his clients, gives us 11 top tips on how to naturally whitening your teeth.

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1. Use Baking Soda!: Baking Soda is a natural teeth whitener and included in many toothpastes (such as the Arm&Hammer brands). Try mixing a quarter teaspoon of Baking Soda with water and applying this to the teeth with your toothbrush. Alternatively, add the Baking Soda to a cheap toothpaste. It will not damage your teeth in any way but will make them look gradually whiter over time. Science-Baking Soda is a natural cleaning and oxidising agent.

2. Eat strawberries: due to the Malic acid, these can naturally whiten your teeth. Science-Malic acid is a natural cleanser.

3. Warm salt water: helps both whiten your teeth naturally and looks after your gums (as it is a natural antibacterial). Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm kettle boiled water (cool it down) and use it as a mouthwash. Science-Salt is a natural antibacterial working by attacking bacterial cell walls.

4. Eat white foods: the whiter the foods you eat the whiter your teeth will be. Eat chicken, rice and fish. Avoid pigmented foods such as beetroot, blueberries, carrots and Chinese/Indian takeaway (which has lots of tumeric or food colourings). Science-white foods have no colourings. Food colourings stain teeth by binding to the tooth surface.

5. Eat apples: apples are one of the natural teeth cleansing foods. Science once again. Malic acid is a natural cleanser.

6. Drink water or milk: you can also drink lemonade or tonic water. White wine is better than red wine.

Science: Calcium in milk helps strengthen tooth enamel and structure as well as jaw bone. Water is a natural cleanser washing away plaque.

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7. Use an electric toothbrush: electric toothbrushes can remove up to 70% more plaque than manual brushes alone. The new Sonicare Black Diamond brush vibrates at a speed of 31,000 brush strokes per minute and also has a whitening mode (that is a special 3-minute cycle for the all the teeth) to remove any stains. Science-electric toothbrushes remove more stains by vibrating or rotating in a more efficient and effective manner than manual brushing alone.

8. Eat cheese: another great naturally cleansing food that can strengthen the teeth. Science-cheese contains calcium and also has a cleansing surface structure (especially hard cheese like cheddar).

9. Use coconut oil as a mouth rinse (oil pulling): use a tablespoon of coconut oil and swill in the mouth for as long as you can. The longer the better (15mins is ideal time). Science-This removes bacteria and helps prevent plaque and stains from sticking to teeth by lubricating them.

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10. See your dentist regularly: to have the teeth cleaned and checked. You can also consider professional in-clinic laser teeth whitening if advised. Science-only your dentist can check thoroughly for cavities. X-Rays may be required to check the inside of the teeth and jaws. Laser teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide activated by a laser light to remove staining from inside the teeth in just 1 hour.

11. Charcoal is also another effective way to help clean and whiten your teeth. It’s a 100% natural tooth polish made from activated coconut shell charcoal. It strengths gums, removes toxins from the mouth and absorbs bacteria and is affordable – Diamond Whites, for example, offers this for only £16.99

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