If you’ve not seen the BBC’s new show W1A – you simply must. It is BBC comedy at its best. Here are our favourite 12 quotes so far.

Things are getting complicated for the Britain’s Tastiest Village production team. Having wooed and won Carol Vorderman as Clare Balding’s replacement to co-present with Alan Titchmarsh, they have discovered at the very last minute that Clare Balding is unexpectedly available and she is keen to do the show. The problem is that no-one has told Clare that they were moving on and she unhelpfully turns up for her first production meeting at the same time as Carol Vorderman is leaving.

Lets nail this puppy to the floor

Not being funny or anything…

You totally are on Twitter – as of now you have 14,000 followers

You’ve pre-tweeted this Ian, you’re totally ahead of trend

No I don’t want that

I AM Fletcher @ BBC, just got retweeted by Dannii Minogue

Is that good?

Good? It’s like instant penetration to the gay community… it’s Huge….

shop dildos for gay sex

You mentioned Carol Vorderman as well, you’ve practically hit gay oil here

Enjoy your water and we’ll talk soon…

Could you go down to reception and meet Clare Balding?


You know who she is?

shop dildos for gay sex

oh yeah i know… Horses

We’ve been retweeted by Enrique Iglesias…. Seven million people around the world – This has pre happened.

Are we moving? Are we actually going anywhere?

When Vorderman and Balding meet….

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