The UK’s first English language school for LGBTI people is being attacked on Facebook and elsewhere by homophobes from countries including Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine and Poland.

The sometimes violent hate posts on London based Rainbow School of English’s Facebook page include:
‘F**k the gays, kill them all!’ from Łukasz Sidjio Kieszkowski, a Polish Navy SEAL,
‘Gay f**kers’ from Potuguese businessman and former teacher Rodolfo Santos,


‘They [gay people] are f**king sick man,’ from Λευτέρης Θεοδωρογιάννης, a soldier in the Greek army.

Rainbow School of English has also been accused of discriminating against straight people.

‘Amazing, what heterophobes! If someone did a school only for heteros they would say homophobia! Well then, this is also heterophobia,’ posted Sana Sanhyonia from Spain.

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‘We have been shocked at the violence expressed in some these hate posts,” said Rainbow School of English Director, Jamie Elliott. “Homophobes seem especially threatened by a language school which creates a safe space for LGBTI people to to study English together. As for heterophobia, our website makes it very clear that, although we market our courses uniquely to the LGBTI market, we welcome everyone, irrespective of their sexuality.’

Rainbow School of English, offers English language courses in Dalston, London at levels ranging from elementary to advanced. There is a free gay social programme which includes visits to London’s top gay bars and clubs. There is also an optional online dating class which helps students understand the abbreviations and slang used on gay dating sites like Grindr and Planet Romeo

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