tackle calendar 2021
Loving the body you have

In what they’re dubbing positive masculinity, the tackle calendar aims to reshape the conversation about what it means to be a man in the two thousand twenties through photography.

12 guys from around the UK stripped off to show that all bodies are beautiful regardless of your age, size or skin tone.


The calendar is also launching a photo magazine in 2021 and will feature lots of guys in their homes, in the nude to challenge the notion of toxic masculinity and impossible body expectations that you might see in mainstream media.

The tackle calendar was shot over a period of 2 months (when lockdown restrictions eased) and featuring 12 men, of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities from across the UK. 

Speaking about the new tackle project, which is an offshoot of the Naked Rugby Players, photographer and Art Director, Jake Hook said, “It was really important for us to keep pushing the message that every body is important, valid and beautiful and we want to celebrate normal bodies in media.

Media gives us “unrealistic ideals of what our bodies should look like”


“While representation of “ordinary” bodies is improving in the media, we are still bombarded with unrealistic ideals of what our bodies should look like, and it’s just not good for our mental health, self-esteem or well-being. There’s still a lot to do to ensure that we can all feel comfortable in our own skin. We think we’ve found some incredible guys, brave enough to strip off for us to prove, no matter your age, your size or your skin tone, your body is wonderful”.

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A donation from each sale from the calendar will go to Balls To Cancer and is available from
their website, and Amazon.

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