Twelve young trans people were asked by transgender broadcasters India Willoughby and Stephanie Hirst, if they had one wish for Christmas, what would it be?

Here’s what they wished for.

1.      Emily Frood, 18, from Hawick, Scotland:


I would like to see a positive representation of a transgender person in the media.

2.      Sean O’Donnell, 19, from Hawick, Scotland:


For transgender people to recognise that you don’t need to look a certain way.

3.      Miles Everitt, 16, from Delabole, Cornwall:

For transgender people to spend Christmas surrounded by people who love them.

4.      Tabitha Tomkins, 21, from Shropshire:


Unrestricted funds to start a charity to help transgender people.

5.      Jo-James Booth, 26, from Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire:


For people to understand that a person can be transgender at any age.

6.      Alfie Austin, 23, from Salford, Greater Manchester:

For transgender people to celebrate their bodies and accept the things they can’t change.

7.      Alex Jones, 19, from Newport, Wales:


For my little sister to come home and not blink an eye at me.

8.      Kay Browning, 26, from Tiverton, Devon:


For transgender people to stop worrying what everyone else thinks about them.

9.      Talulah Eve Brown, 23, from Burton-upon-Trent:

For people to stop thinking about transgender people as a sexual experience, and instead, think of them as someone worthy of love.

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10.  Cal Lunt, 26, from Liverpool:

For more transgender voices to be heard at Fixers events so that they can stimulate change.

12.  Jayson McSwiggan, 23, from Glasgow:


For GPs to receive training in transgender issues so that they understand us better.

The youngsters were taking part in a ‘Question-Time’ style debate designed to improve the lives of transgender people across the UK. The event, which was hosted by Fixers, the charity which gives young people a voice, took place at ITV’s London Television Centre on November 23.

  • 29th April 2020 – this article was updated to remove an individual who asked that their likeness and quote be removed. We complied, but have left the article published.  
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