The campaign to raise money for homeless LGBT youth in the US, has reached $137,000 in less than a week.

The campaign that is running in contrast to the Memories Pizza fund, which was started to support an Indiana family who said they would deny service to gay couples, has reached nearly $140,000 in just 6 days and is backed by 3649 donors. The Memories pizza fund was capped at $842,000, before the organisers handed over the funds to the O’Connor family.

A petition calling GoFundMe, the crowd funding service used to collect the funds, to dump the page was created. Dana Loesch, the commentator who helped the Memories Pizza fund gain traction, jeeringly wrote on her blog, “A whole 24 supporters looks daunting (snicker).”


The #Pizza4Equality campaign, which backs the Cyndi Lauper True Colors Foundation, was set up by Scott Wooledge who said,
“There is much disgust and consternation in the LGBT community over a viral fundraiser effort, that has as of this writing, earned $842,387. Many have lamented, ‘if only our cause could raise that much money that fast’

“I say, yes, we can.

“So I looked and saw that Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Fund has set April 29 as the first national #40toNoneDay to end #LGBT youth homelessness! And I thought, would it not be totally awesome if we equality supporters (and pizza lovers) could match that #MemoriesPizza “charity” by April 29? Can we match their amount and help homeless youth get off the street, learn life skills and get an education and jobs?

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“I’m an dreamer, but I say yes, we can!”

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