I had guests…

Back in the mid-90ss, 1996 to be precise, three of our favourite divas (and a whole host of others) got together to create the gayest film on earth – the First Wives Club… Here are just some of the quotes that made the film epic.

Elise on Plastic Surgery

“Plastic surgery is like good grooming, it’s like brushing your teeth.”

 Elise on the best decade ever…

“It’s the 90’s, for God’s sake”

 Elise on ageing

Morris: You’re 45! If I give you one more facelift, you’re going to be able to blink your lips. I mean, don’t you want to be able to play a part your own age?

Elise:”My own age?” No no. You don’t understand. There are only three ages for women in Hollywood; “Babe”, “District Attorney”, and “Driving Ms. Daisy.” And right now, I want to be young. Science-fiction young.

Brenda on Elise’s Plastic Surgery

“Honey she’s quilt”

Doctor Packman on Elise’s lips

If I give you one more face lift you’re going to be able to blink your lips!

Brenda on Elise’s drinking?

Let’s examine the evidence… (empties out a huge amount of empty bottles of booze)

“I had guest”

“Who? Gun N’ Roses?”


Brenda on Elise’s drinking

Elise: I drink because I am a sensitive and highly strung person.

Brenda: No, that’s why your co-stars drink.


Elise on being an actor

You think that because I’m a movie star I don’t have feelings. Well you’re wrong. I’m an actress. I’ve got all of them!

Sometimes it wasn’t even the quotes that were iconic…

It was the looks…

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There was even a Trump moment… who reminded us not to get mad…


“Ladies, you have to be strong and independent, and remember, don’t get mad, get everything”.


Elise has a fan


“Hi, I’m Phoebe. I’ve seen all your movies and I want to be just like you. Only, me!”


New girlfriend Shelly meets ex-wife

“Make it go away”

Brenda is not happy that Shelly comes to her son’s Bar Mitzvah…

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Brenda: He brought her to our son’s bar mitzvah?

Annie: Is she a gift?


Brenda gets her accounting wings

“Wake up and smell the audit!”

Annie coming to terms with her lesbian daughter

“Lesbians are great now-a-days”

Annie’s super break out moment…

“Come on Annie hit me”

Basically if you’ve not seen it… BUY IT


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