So studies have found that British willies are average. Just average guys!

Now according to average erect penis sizes have been collected and collated from 80 countries across the world and a table of length has been drawn up. Someone clearly had a very productive day in the graphics department. So where was the UK’s placement?  Well, it’s exactly average. You see that orange column – yep we’re in there. Not even in the yellow… and you can forget the green column.

The longest average erect penises are apparently in the African country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (7.1 inches) and the smallest are in North Korea with 3.8 inches.

The average of the averages is 5.5 inches and that’s exactly where the UK is, beating the likes of the US (5.1 inches) and China (4.3 inches) but drawing with New Zealand, Ukraine and Canada.


According to the correct way to measure the penis is from the tip of the penis to the very bottom of the pubic bone and apparently, only 3% of the world’s men have a dick over 8 inches. You can watch David Wavey just proper instructions here.

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We can’t actually believe someone was paid to measure all those dongs…