Day: 28 April 2014

  • INTERVIEW | Kian Egan

    INTERVIEW | Kian Egan

    Whether you loved them or hated them or fell somewhere in the middle, there’s no doubt that Westlife dominated the pop scene at the turn of the century. With their boyish good looks, solid harmonies and Ronan Keating acting as their manager (although I’m not sure how much managing he actually did) they were destined […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Tom At The Farm

    ★★★★ | Tom At The Farm Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan may be sick of being constantly described as a wunderkind, but when you are just 24 years old like he is and have already made four head-turning mind-blowing Award winning movies, then the description is more than apt. Not content with writing and directing each […]

  • Eurovision Drag Queen Faces Backlash From Russia

    Austria’s entry into the 2014 Eurovision faces a massive backlash ahead of her performance in the world’s biggest music competition. Anti-gay petitioners in Russia, Armenia and Belarus have called for Conchita Wurst (real name Tom Neuwirth) to be banned or edited out of the televised event, which will be broadcast across Europe. The bearded drag […]

  • Gary Barlow Sent Topless Pictures To Gay Music Execs

    Ah, stalwart of the UK music scene, Gary Barlow has admitted to sending topless pictures of himself to get noticed at the beginning of his career. The sometimes Take That front man admitted to sending topless pictures of himself to gay record execs in order to get noticed; and got lucky when he managed to […]

  • May 2014

    May 2014

    Inside Issue 3 Exclusive Gay Marriage Special Shoot, Adam Rickitt, Kavana, Dr Christian, Martha Wash, Lesley Joseph, Belinda Carlisle and much more… PLUS: How we won same sex marriage by Peter Tatchell, Fall in love with Croatia, news, reviews, lifestyle and advice. They say good things come in three’s and with Gay Marriage being passed […]

  • CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS: Bisexuals ‘Ruin Women’s Lives’

    In his most outspoken interview ever, Christopher Biggins talks to The Big Issue about his thoughts on bisexuality. Celebrity Actor Christopher Biggins claims that people use bisexuality as a cover because they are scared to admit that they are gay – and that many women’s lives are ruined because of it. In a startlingly frank […]