Gary Barlow Sent Topless Pictures To Gay Music Execs

28th April 2014 0 By News Desk

Ah, stalwart of the UK music scene, Gary Barlow has admitted to sending topless pictures of himself to get noticed at the beginning of his career.

The sometimes Take That front man admitted to sending topless pictures of himself to gay record execs in order to get noticed; and got lucky when he managed to attract the attention of Manchester based music mogul Nigel Martin-Smith.

Nigel Martin-Smith also managed the careers of Adam Rickitt and Kavana.

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In a new documentary When Corden Met Barlow due to air on the 5th May on BBC 1, James Corden will be digging up all the dirt on Barlow’s formative career.


Before he was signed to Nigel Martin-Smith, Barlow had been touring working men’s clubs in the north of England from the age of 14. Honing his craft as a musician and front man.