Day: 15 May 2015

  • Domestic Abuse Help Instant Chat For LGBTs To Run 7 Days A Week

    Instant chat service to open 7 days a week Since its start in 2014 the Broken Rainbow instant chat service has continued to increase in popularity with LGBT people experiencing abuse or violence in their relationships. On busy days this means eight hours of constant user support and Broken Rainbow today runs this service with […]

  • Rugby Must Change To End Homophobia

    In what is believed to be a world first, international rugby stars from three countries are joining together in publicly condemning homophobia in sport. English star James Haskell and Welsh star Alex Cuthbert as well as Australian Rugby Legend John Eales have all backed a statement specifically calling for an end to homophobic language, the […]

  • Want To Give Up Blood In The US? Give Up Gay Sex

    If you are gay, then the US’s powerful Food & Drug Administration still does not want your blood. That is unless you can prove you have been celibate for a whole year. After years of pressure to reform the ban, the FDA announced plans in December 2014 to ease the rules slightly and officials issued […]

  • Over One Third Of Gay Men Are Unhappy With The Size Of Their Penises

    Over One Third Of Gay Men Are Unhappy With The Size Of Their Penises

    Up to 34 per cent of men are unhappy with the size of their penises according to a new survey by THEGAYUK A survey undertaken for issue 11 of THEGAYUK found that over a third of men questioned had issues with the size of their manhoods, with a further 12 per cent actually considering penile […]

  • Andi Peters “I’m Only 21”

    Andi Peters likes a joke. Proclaims to be only 21. Recently the former Live And Kicking star was pictured with sporting legend Daley Thompson along with day time TV hunk Ben Shephard, who quipped in a tweet: “Is it me or is @Daley_thompson actually younger than @andipeters??” Before adding: “Looks Awesome” – Seems like Ben […]

  • Want Perfect Teeth? Experts Suggest Swigging Oil For 20 Minutes

    Thanks to a host of celebrity endorsements, ‘oil pulling’ has become one of the latest health crazes to sweep the nation. Pulling involves swishing a mouthful of oil around your mouth for up to twenty minutes and then spitting it out. A supposedly ancient holistic practice, pulling is claimed to have a range of health […]