Up to 34 per cent of men are unhappy with the size of their penises according to a new survey by THEGAYUK

A survey undertaken for issue 11 of THEGAYUK found that over a third of men questioned had issues with the size of their manhoods, with a further 12 per cent actually considering penile enlargement surgery to increase girth or length.

The majority of men asked hadn’t tried other non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, such as hanging weights or jelqing. The most popular method of non-surgical enlargement was penis pumps.


Of those surveyed, 54% of men had a penis length of 5 to 7 inches, 12 per cent had a penis size less than 5 inches. According to a recent worldwide poll of men, 5.16 inches is the average size of an adult male’s erect penis.

Penis surgery can be an expensive route to take, with the average procedure costing thousands of pounds.

Tristan, owner of all a male striptease Adonis Cabaret Show said that there were ways men could forego surgery with a few insider tips and he and his crew of stunning male dancers and models use to look good on stage.


Firstly he suggested: “Trim that bush to unhide your sausage!”

Up to an inch of your manhood could be covered by pubic hair so make sure you get the trimmers out and cut back to reveal more and generally make it look tidy down there.

Secondly, he suggested what’s known in the business as “tying it off”, whereby you excite yourself but stop before you become actually erect. Then using something to “tie off” like a cock ring or elastic band you place the tie at the base of your penis, so the blood can’t leave the penis quickly.

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“It’s not much use, but it does look impressive!” He quipped.

However, you must be careful you don’t tie it off for too long as it could turn purple and cause serious medical problems.

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