Day: 10 June 2015

  • Laverne Cox gets her own wax work

    Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox will not only have her very own wax figure at Madame Tussauds’ but she will also be the first transgender celebrity to have such an honour. One small snag for is that it will be be in their San Francisco Museum. Cox’s figure will be revealed during […]

  • RECIPE: Beetroot Chocolate Cake

    Beetroot Chocolate Cake Healthier Cake / Gluten-free / Anti-Oxidant Rich I’m writing the intro for this as my cake sits cooking in the oven. Cakes or anything with precise measures tend to stress me out as I basically can’t be slap dash and have to be accurate. However the preparation from start to oven seems […]

  • RECIPE: Pigs In Trees

    Pigs in Trees Serves 2 Prep 5 mins Cook 45 mins Easy / Minimal Ingredients / Gluten- Free With broccoli and fennel fumbled together in a fresh lemony marinade this works wonderfully alongside little herby sausage balls nestled amongst them. With it’s subtle mustard undertones I like to serve a side of plain roasted butternut […]

  • RECIPE: Crack Crispy Kale

    Crack Crispy Kale Serves 1, but could be shared through gritted teeth Prep 5 mins Cook 25 mins Uber addictive and really more-ish. If you like crispy seaweed from your local Chinese- then you’ll love this. I was feeling sloth-like when deciding to make these and opted for a pre-shredded bag of kale, as opposed […]

  • RECIPE: Winter Lentil, Kale & Sausage Soup

    Winter Lentil, Kale & Sausage Soup Serves 2 large portions (this would comfortably serve 4 alongside a carb such as wild rice) Prep 10 mins Cook 1 hour Digestion Helper   It’s difficult to decide whether this is in fact a soup, or a casserole. I am going with it being a butch soup. It’s […]

  • RECIPE: Portabella Chicken

    Portabella Chicken Serves 4 Prep 10 mins Cook 1hr 10 mins   There is nothing better than a rich red wine sauce in the Winter. Packed with portabella mushrooms this dish really is a meal in itself. I like to serve mine alongside a big bowl of tender stem broccoli and a hunk of crusty […]

  • BLOGS: Shabby Chic or just plain shabby?

    Well the time has come to put down the white paint and pick up the skips! The time has come to move on from all the white walls and white floors, the times have changed so make room for the broom because you will need it! The term ‘shabby chic’ has been thrown around a […]

  • TheGayUK’s sexpert is nominated for Erotic Journalist of the year

    She’s brought you pieces such as “How to introduce toys to the bedroom” and “How to make a one night stand memorable” and now she’s been nominated for a coveted Best Erotic journalist.

  • Gay Ally Ben Cohen Accused Of “Bullying” After Blasting Uber Driver

    Longtime LGBT Ally and supporter Ben Cohen has been blasted by some on social media as a “bully” after he blasted an Uber driver for being “horrible” and rude. The rugby star has been criticised by some fans after he posted a message and photo on his facebook profile of Mohamed Uzair, an Uber driver […]