Day: 15 June 2015

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW | Darwin Brasserie, The Sky Garden

    Dining up at the Sky Garden sounds exciting doesn’t it? A little novel? Darwin’s menu boasts being “inspired by the very best of British”, but in reality means they have no imagination, catering for tourists that expect British food to be bad, and will charge what they like (extortionately). A prime example of somewhere relying […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Angel With Tethered Wings

    It seems like Steven Vasquez the director/writer/cinematographer/editor wants to corner the market in low-budget gay horror mystery movies the rate he is turning them out these days. This new one like his last recent one (Errodity) is essentially another piece of soft-core pornography, but this time with an extended and tangled plot, and where the […]

  • Giant Photocall To Protest Nigel Farage HIV Remarks Today

    Activist group ACTUP are hosting a giant selfie-photo call to protest UKIP leader’s HIV remarks during the leaders’ debate, prior to the general election earlier in 2015. ACTUP are hosting a giant selfie photocall in protest against Nigel Farage’s HIV-phobic remarks towards migrants in Trafalgar Square. This peaceful photocall pays tribute to the founders of […]