Activist group ACTUP are hosting a giant selfie-photo call to protest UKIP leader’s HIV remarks during the leaders’ debate, prior to the general election earlier in 2015.

ACTUP are hosting a giant selfie photocall in protest against Nigel Farage’s HIV-phobic remarks towards migrants in Trafalgar Square. This peaceful photocall pays tribute to the founders of the gay liberation movement and HIV activism. HIV+ and HIV- migrants and leading figures from within the gay liberation movement and HIV activism will speak.


ACT UP FOR LOVE, will protest today from 6pm in Trafalgar Square, organised by ACT UP London and London Artists Projects.
Speakers will be:
620pm Garry Brough, Bloomsbury Patients Clinic
630pm Jose Resinente, NAZ Project
640pm Natalie Bennett, Green Party
650pm Andrew Keates, director of the AIDS play ‘As Is’ at Trafalgar Studios
7pm Vincent Manning, Catholics for AIDS prevention and Support
710pm Sophia forum, People Living With HIV
720pm Precious Lubunda, NAZ Project

Nigel Farage questioned whether immigrants who live with HIV in the UK should continue to receive treatment. His remarks were widely criticised by the other leaders and the public at large.

He said: “You can come into Britain, from anywhere in the world, get diagnosed with HIV and get the retro-viral drugs which cost up to £25,000 per year, per patient.

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“We need to put the National Health Service there for British people and families.”

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