Day: 6 February 2016

  • Will Young Slams Nicky Morgan As Not Giving A “Shit” About Mental Health

    Will Young has blasted the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan as not “giving a shit” about mental health. Speaking at this year’s National Student Pride singer Will Young has strongly criticised Education Secretary Nicky Morgan for ignoring the mental health needs of LGBT youth in the UK. He said that he would be picketing her offices until she addressed issues facing […]

  • MP Chris Bryant | Britain’s “Shocking” Anti-Gay Legacy To The World

    MP Chris Bryant has said that Britain has left a “shocking” legacy for LGBT people living in the Commonwealth. The out MP Chris Bryant, speaking at the Diversity Role Model’s launch last week said that thanks to a British legal legacy, 90 percent of people living in Commonwealth countries live with a legal system that makes […]

  • CAR REVIEW | Mitsubishi ASX

    Launched in 2009 to high expectations, the Mitsubishi ASX failed to make an impact on the competitive Sports Utility Vehicle sector which at present is dominated by the Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Rav4. However according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, in 2014-2015 sales grew by as much as 20% for the ASX. […]

  • 20 Things You Get Only If You’re A Early Millennial Gay Man

    20 Things You Get Only If You’re A Early Millennial Gay Man

    Older Millennial guys let me hear your war cries… We were the first generation of gay men who got to live more freely because of our forefathers’ efforts, we took fashion risks, we grew up with safer sex messages that rocked our world and we saw Charlie Hunnam get rimmed. 1) UFO clothing was everything […]

  • 5 Totally Fancy Underwear For Valentines

    5 Totally Fancy Underwear For Valentines

    With Valentine’s night just over a week away, I’ve come up with a few options on the fanciest underwear, guaranteed to make your Valentine’s Night special!

  • John Partridge’s Twitter HQ Was Boss

    Whoever had control of John Partridge’s Twitter whilst he was in the house is literally boss.   It’s fair to say that while he was in the Big Brother house actor John Partridge cause a bit of a stir outside in the real world. It wasn’t long before the trolls left their riverside dwellings to […]