Will Young has blasted the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan as not “giving a shit” about mental health.

Speaking at this year’s National Student Pride singer Will Young has strongly criticised Education Secretary Nicky Morgan for ignoring the mental health needs of LGBT youth in the UK. He said that he would be picketing her offices until she addressed issues facing the UK’s LGBT community.

After a private meeting with Morgan, Young said he left heartbroken.

He said,

“It breaks my heart that there are going to be more and more generations of young LGBT people that are going to continue to have a lack of nurture and have this internalised shame which can be changed within the education system.”   

“The only conclusion that I can draw is that she doesn’t give a shit about it”.

Will Young who was crowned by THEGAYUK readers as one of the top 10 gay icons of Britain  confessed he is “not a huge fan” of Nicky Morgan, stating his concerns about the MP dealing with mental health issues facing young LGBTS,  “I don’t see the Education Secretary, who I am not a huge fan of at all, addressing this at all.”

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The news comes as PACE, the UK’s biggest mental health charity for LGBTs was forced to close due to local authority budget cuts.

He then announced that he would be picketing the politician until she gives answers and takes action in schools to help young LGBT people live openly and freely.

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“I am augmenting a new White Paper and then I’ll picket outside the department of education until she gives me some answers.”

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