John Partridge’s Twitter HQ Was Boss

Whoever had control of John Partridge’s Twitter whilst he was in the house is literally boss.


John Partridge
CREDIT: Channel 5

It’s fair to say that while he was in the Big Brother house actor John Partridge cause a bit of a stir outside in the real world. It wasn’t long before the trolls left their riverside dwellings to have their say on Twitter. Well John Partridge’s Twitter HQ took it in its stride.

Whoever was controlling his social media was literally boss and knows the true meaning of “Bye Felicia”, owning every single negative comment that came toward’s the star’s official Twitter account.

Whoever it was, proved that they had as much sass as the real life John and slayed troll after troll. The social media team’s withering put downs kept coming and coming. They were on point.

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JP was the first of the finalists to be evicted in last night’s final and was met with a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Before he went into the house John said that he was doing the show to help pay for his mother’s care home costs.

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