Day: 25 May 2016

  • The Horrific Moment A Man Saws Off His Johnson In Front Of Shop Assistant

    The Horrific Moment A Man Saws Off His Johnson In Front Of Shop Assistant

    A shocking video has emerged of a man sawing off his manhood in front of a shop assistant.   A horrific and graphic video of a man in California sawing off his penis has surfaced online. The video which features a young looking male has surfaced on LiveLeak which appears to show him hacking at […]

  • Why Is The Government So Interested In Our Porn Habits?

    Why Is The Government So Interested In Our Porn Habits?

    Thousands of innocent people in the UK could be incriminated and face jail time because of the Government’s “draconian” porn laws. CREDIT: ©-lofilolo-Depositphotos A new report reveals that thousands of innocent porn consumers and in particular gay men could find themselves facing jail time because of the UK’s laws surrounding porn consumption. The Adam Smith […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | King Lear

    ★★★ Intense, cathartic, but lacked a punch. “But I am bound upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears do scald like moulten lead” – King Lear The story, written by Shakespeare between 1604 and1606, depicts the tragedy of a family who lose trust, compassion, and all for the material gain of land. Those who are […]

  • McFly Postpone Their Tour After Harry Put His Back Out

    McFly have had to cancel their Anthology Tour after Harry Judd put his back out. Harry Judd is “absolutely gutted” after the herniation of his C6/7 disc and has been signed off performing by doctors until September. Harry said: “I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve had to postpone the tour. I’ve honestly tried everything to make […]

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Sunbathes In Near Nude Trunks

    Cristiano Ronaldo Sunbathes In Near Nude Trunks

    Hunky footballer Cristiano has gone near nude whilst sunbathing in nude coloured swimwear. CREDIT: Cristiano Ronaldo / Instragram Cristiano Ronaldo, has given his fans a glimpse at what he might look like naked sunbathing after he shared a hot picture of him catching the sun wearing nothing but nude coloured shorts. The footballer, who has […]

  • COCKTAIL RECIPE | Blueberry Basil Gin

    COCKTAIL RECIPE | Blueberry Basil Gin

    COCKTAIL RECIPE | Blueberry Basil Gin Ingredients. ¼ cup blueberries (BUY NOW) 4 torn / shredded basil leaves (BUY NOW) 45ml gin (BUY NOW) 10ml lime juice (BUY NOW) 10ml simple syrup Lime, to garnish   Method. In a shaker, muddle the blueberries, basil, simple syrup, and lime juice. Add crushed ice and gin, shake […]

  • COCKTAIL RECIPE | Chambord Royale

    Giving a Royale twist to a  favourite. Your favourite fizz topped with delicious Chambord, for a taste so good it deserves its own fanfare. Ingredients. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur (BUY NOW) Champagne, prosecco or cava (BUY NOW) Method. Pour your favourite fizz into a flute glass and top with Chambord. Garnish with the all important […]

  • COCKTAIL RECIPE | Chambord Spritz

    A spritz cocktail perfect for summer. The hostess is only at her mostess when she is with her champignons. Do not waste time making complicated drinks when this light, fruity and refreshing drink does the trick. Ingredients. 50ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur 125ml dry white wine Soda Method. Pour dry white wine into a large […]

  • COCKTAIL RECIPE |Chambord Vodka Lemonade

    Chambord Vodka Lemonade Chambord Vodka Lemonade is the perfect cocktail recipe for the summer. It is a beautiful shade of pink, it is perfect to share and the sight of it makes the eyeballs smile. Ingredients 25ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur 25ml vodka Lemonade   Method Pour Chambord and vodka into a long glass filled […]

  • Meet The Christian School That Can Expel Students If They Have Gay Family Member

    A school in Kansas says it can expel students if they have gay family members. CREDIT: © tomwang Depositphotos A Christian high school in Wichita, Kansas, with 322 pupils, apparently has the right to expel students attending the school if the school’s management learns that a student has a gay family member. Attendance to the […]

  • Theatre Review | Flowers For Mrs Harris – Crucible Theatre

    ★★★★ | Mrs Harris is a post-war charlady and widow, struggling with austerity and living a life of the mundane, until, that is, she stumbles across a Christian Dior dress in the wardrobe of a wealthy client she cleans for. Obsessed with owning such a thing of beauty, she works and saves for the dress, […]