Hunky footballer Cristiano has gone near nude whilst sunbathing in nude coloured swimwear.

CREDIT: Cristiano Ronaldo / Instragram

Cristiano Ronaldo, has given his fans a glimpse at what he might look like naked sunbathing after he shared a hot picture of him catching the sun wearing nothing but nude coloured shorts.

The footballer, who has over 59 million followers on Instagram, looked relaxed in the picture he posted to the social network yesterday and captioned it simply with two suns and a thumbs up emoji.

The picture has attracted over 1.1 million likes on Instagram already.

Late last year a French TV commentator suggested that the 31-year-old single father was allegedly in a relationship with a kickboxer.

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After the revelations the footballer admitted that he had some personal issues saying,

“You have to take into account that I have had some personal problems.

“I would prefer to keep them to myself — but I am in a better place now.”

Apart from that statement the Portuguese footballer has remained tight-lipped about the claims.

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In 2013, Rihanna caused further speculation about the sport star’s sexuality after she apparently outed him, when she said, “I have a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity,” she was asked by journalists whether the pair were romantically involved.


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