Man cuts off penis in shop

A shocking video has emerged of a man sawing off his manhood in front of a shop assistant.


A horrific and graphic video of a man in California sawing off his penis has surfaced online.


The video which features a young looking male has surfaced on LiveLeak which appears to show him hacking at his penis in front of a terrified shop employee.

The man, standing in front of the cash registers lowers his trousers and underwear in front of a female staff member, who quickly walks away to make a call, after he brandishes a knife.

He then begins to hack away at his penis.


In the 57 second video, which has been viewed over 70,000 times shows the man trying several times to cut away at his manhood.

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The jury is out as to whether the video is a fake and it is not known if the man sustained serious life threatening injuries.

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