Day: 2 June 2017

  • BREAKING | Ireland set to get its first openly gay Prime Minister

    Ireland is set to get its first openly gay Prime Minister, as Leo Varadkar is chosen by Fine Gael. Fine Gael, Ireland’s governing political party has chosen its new leader, Leo Varadkar who is set to become Ireland’s first openly gay Prime Minister. The 38-year-old will also be one of Ireland’s youngest leaders. He was victorious over […]

  • George Shelley shows butt, crowd goes wild

    George Shelley’s butt just made a splash. The former boy bander turn radio presenter certainly made an impression after a picture of his butt made its way onto social media. The star was holidaying in Sorrento in Italy when the picture was snapped.   Wanna see it? Click here

  • Tim Farron once again cannot answer whether being gay is a sin

    Tim Farron has once again refused to answer on whether he thinks being gay is a sin. Speaking on Nick Ferrari’s LBC morning show, Tim Farron once again refused to answer whether he thought being gay was a sin. A caller, Brian, from Highgate asked the Lib Dem leader whether he thought that homosexuality was […]

  • Plaid Cymru pledge to end blood ban for gay men

    Welsh political party, Plaid Cymru have pledged to end the discriminatory blood ban placed on gay and bisexual men who have had sex in the previous 12 months. Plaid Cymru has said they will end the discriminatory blood ban that forbids gay and bisexual men from donating blood if they have had sex with someone […]

  • Gay policeman who was killed in the Champs-Élysées terrorist attack gets posthumous wedding

    A rare posthumous wedding has taken place, between Xavier Jugelé and Etienne Cardiles, following Mr Jugele’s death in a terrorist attack in Paris in April. Etienne Cardiles has posthumously married his partner,  Xavier Jugelé. Along with the marriage, Mr Jugelé was also awarded the Legion of Honour, one of France’s highest awards. The couple were civily wed, called a Pacte Civil de […]