Tim Farron has once again refused to answer on whether he thinks being gay is a sin.

Speaking on Nick Ferrari’s LBC morning show, Tim Farron once again refused to answer whether he thought being gay was a sin.


A caller, Brian, from Highgate asked the Lib Dem leader whether he thought that homosexuality was a sin to which he answered, “I dealt with that weeks ago.”

Ferarri asked Farron to remind the listeners what his position was, to which Farron answered, “Do you know what, we’re not going there. My personal faith is my personal faith.”

When pushed again by Ferrari, Farron answered,

“…to be honest with you, a person who is a leader of a political party, it’s their job as someone who is passionate about LGBT rights, prove it with your actions, not by your words.

“My actions, absolutely, are 100% about defending LGBT rights. And as a party, you look what we’ve done, my colleague Lynne Featherstone introduced equal marriage, I’m very proud of that.”


In April, Farron answered the question in April during an interview with the BBC where he said,

in a BBC interview this week, again Mr Farron’s opinion was sought on the subject. He replied,

“I don’t believe that gay sex is a sin.

“I take the view though, that as a political leader, my job is not to pontificate on theological matters.

“It seems to me that there is a general election on at the moment, we need to be talking about big issues.”

The general election will take place on Thursday 8th June 2017.




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