Day: 4 December 2017

  • Tragedy for Sir Elton after mother passes away

    Elton John is “in shock” after his mother passed away. Sir Elton has said that he is in shock following the death of his mother, Sheila Farebrother. Taking to social media, the singer-songwriter, said, that he was so sad to hear that his mother had passed away. In his post, he thanked her for everything […]

  • Celebrity Big Brother shakes things up with an all female celebrity line up

    To celebrate the 100 years since women won the right to vote… In January 2018, as the nation marks 100 years since women won the right to vote for the very first time, Celebrity Big Brother launches this series with an all-female cast of celebrity housemates in a salute to a centenary of women’s suffrage […]

  • MASSAGE | How to give your boyfriend a massage he won’t forget

    You know that story of Aladdin? The one where he rubs his lamp and gets his wishes? Well, imagine your partner’s body is that lamp. A little bit of rubbing in the right places will have him granting your every desire. Massage is a feel-good indulgence, and it has real health benefits. It’ll improve circulation by […]

  • Trump Is Almost A Hate Group By The FBI’s Definition

    Due to licensing, his article must be read on our website Donald Trump is a one-man hate group. If the president were an organization instead of an individual, it would not be a big stretch to define him as a “hate group” under the FBI’s simple definition: “an organization whose primary purpose is to promote […]