Day: 11 December 2017

  • Davey Wavey just starred in his first gay porn

    Davey Wavey just starred in his first gay porn

    Oh yes, he did…

  • Who was Keith Chegwin and What is he famous for?

    Keith Chegwin was a TV legend in the UK. He tragically died at the age of 60. Here’s what we know about the ever-popular Children’s TV presenter. How did Keith Chegwin die? Keith Chegwin died of an illness which was described as a “long-term battle with a progressive lung condition”. According to a statement, the illness […]

  • London Man punched repeatedly in a ‘homophobic attack’

    The Metropolitan Police has reported that a man in central London was the subject of a homophobic attack. Detectives in London are seeking the public’s help after a man in his 50s was allegedly subjected to an assault in central London in what police are calling a, “suspected homophobic attack”. The victim, a man in […]

  • Netflix just freaked out a lot of people

    They’re watching you… Always watching Netflix, is known for the way it reads and analyses the data it collects on its users – but this took a somewhat creepy turn today when Netflix US asked its 4.2 million followers who had been watching a particular show repeatedly. To the 53 people who’ve watched A Christmas […]

  • So the Stranger Things’ cast is in the MONEY!

    Caching. The cast of the Netflix’s superhit, Stranger Things is being paid a lot. Especially when you’re just a teenager. and relatively unknown (well they are all under 16-years-old – give ’em a break) It was revealed that each of the cast, Finn Wolfhard (14), Millie Bobby Brown (13), Gaten Matarazzo (15), Noah Schnapp (13) […]