If you're a fan of James Franco's queer sensibilities, then you'll be pleased that Netflix has four films with an LGBT+ bent.

If you’re a fan of James Franco’s queer sensibilities, then you’ll be pleased that Netflix has four films with an LGBT+ bent.

James Franco has described himself “gay up to a point” and that point being the sex bit, but that hasn’t stopped him exploring his gay side – with James starring in or producing a number of films which explore LGBT+ themes.


Sean Penn, plays the central role of Harvey Milk and putting aside the hotly debated discussion of whether gay men should fill the roles of gay character’s in the films, Penn does a brilliant job. No ham involved. A remarkably sensitive portrayal of this pioneer in a backward, gay-loathing, backstabbing system. Of course, there is a certain bit of eye candy – that being one Mr James Franco, who plays Milk’s lover Scott Smith.

I Am Michael

Based on the true story of Michael Glatze, who claimed he was no longer gay and became a straight pastor. But in 1999, Michael was in a gay relationship with boyfriend Bennett (Zachary Quinto) and was the editor of the successful real-life XY Magazine, while at the same time living in San Francisco – it was the ultimate gay life and gay lifestyle. But Bennett’s father has a job for him in Halifax, Canada, so they relocate there – it’s a city with not much to do, but they end up hooking up with the young good looking Tyler (Charlie Carver). But after a few panic attacks, and memories of his late father and mother, Michael starts to question his homosexuality – he starts to re-evaluate his life, loves, and takes up to reading the bible for answers, until one day he leaves it all behind for a new life.

King Cobra

King Cobra Movie

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Based on a true story, King Cobra is the story of the making of a gay porn star and the demise of another and the murder of a studio owner. Starring the newly out Garrett Clayton as gay porn star Brent Corrigan Also starring James Franco and Christian Slater.


Goat by James Franco and Nick Jonas

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Although not gay per se, Goat is fairly homoerotic. As these pictures show. However, the film explores the darker and often violent side of college fraternities.


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