Whatever you do, don't ever, ever ever use shampoo

Whatever you do, don’t ever, ever ever use shampoo

Lube is the fountain from which great sex happens. Whether it’s for anal sex or just cuddly wanks, never start without it! Here are a few things that aren’t wise to use as a lubricant. Most, will at best, not provide enough wetness and at worst leave you open to STIs or tears or great discomfort during anal sex (for both the top and bottom).

Baby Oil

Baby oil is fine if you’re going bareback, but is a total no-go if you are using condoms. It will, like all lubes, which aren’t water or silicon-based, destroy the condom’s integrity.

You might also find that baby oil is a little too thin for proper lubrication – especially if you’re planning to take something bigger than a finger up your ass.

Plus have you tried getting oil out of bed sheets? It’s a nightmare.

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Plus if you’re going to be doing any ass to mouth, the ingredients may be toxic – and if not toxic will taste gross AF.


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If you’re having a quicky in the shower don’t forget to take your lube with you. Don’t use shampoo it will sting like buggery. It’s best not to put liquids up your ass that aren’t designed to be up there. This user on Yahoo Answers shared a horror story of serious pain when shampoo got in their urethra.

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Same again with the A to Mouth stuff. Look out for poisonous ingredients.

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