Ever since her definitive performance of Uptown Funk the British public have been aching for more Fleur East… She’s just released Sax and here’s 6 reasons why everybody is talking about it.

Pastels is back

If her colourful video is anything to go by pastel colours are back… Seems like we’re living in a Refresher world.

Young Whitney

The look of a young Whitney (we’re sounding like Louis Walsh) are undeniable. Fleur is channelling Whitney in I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

>5 outfit changes in 4 minutes

Five yes five – count them… There’s a sneaky pastel in there plus a Red, Gold and Purple… Back in the day Britney would just put up with two.

It’s not quite as good as “Uptown Funk” But It Still Works

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Sorry y’all but it’s true.

Moves Like Paula Abdul

We’re loving the dance breaks… Reminds us of a young Paula Abdul…

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Abs Is Back

She’s got those abs even Anatascia would cry over.

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