This week has been a week of wonder… One that could either lead to greatness or mayhem. From Janice Dickinson promising to be a surrogate mother, to Jeremy Corbyn’s election as the new Labour leader.

1) Janice promises to be Austin Armacost and Jake Lee’s surrogate for any child they may have in the future… This is an interesting concept and won that we think would make an excellent reality TV show.


2) The first ever “test-tube baby” Louise Brown is delighted that gay couples can use IVF to start familes.

3) Elton John reaches out to President Putin to discuss ‘ridiculous’ anti-gay prejudice. According to The Guardian the Rocket Man has asked for 5 with the Russian Prez. We await the outcome. If Elton can achieve the melt down he did for Dolce And Gabbana, maybe there could be so movement, then against probs not.

4) This news site based in the deeply homophobic country of Nigeria suggests women could and should strap on a dildo and screw their men. Unsurprisingly the men in the poll aren’t so sure.


5) Jeremy Corbyn, who has voted pro gay issues since his induction as an MP, has been voted in as the new Labour leader.

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6) The Daily Mail, thinks that Brits have won a “war” because famous women over the age of 70 haven’t had plastic surgery,

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